UK Immigration & Visas FAQs.

Find the most relevant and reliable answers to all your questions about migrating to the UK .

We understand that most of our visitors are looking for information help and guidance on various types of UK visa applications and various types of visa routes to migrate to the UK and other countries.

Some of you may be interested in going abroad to settle while some may be willing to visit for holidays or on business or to visit family members. Some of you may also be interested in studying for Bachelors or Masters degree and then returning back to India with a view to enriching your career.

Whether you want to migrate to the UK on a temporary work visa or a student visa for higher education.

Each of this type of visa has different eligibility requirements and hence we have collected some Frequently Asked Questions i.e. FAQs and tried to provide the answers here. However, these answers may not be able to answer your specific queries for which you will need to contact us or meet us.

FAQ section for UK Visas is divided into different sub-sections:

  • Points-based Immigration System FAQ
  • Skilled Worker Visas FAQ
  • Highly Skilled Visas FAQ
  • Student Visa FAQ
  • Visit / Business Visa FAQ
  • Family Visa FAQ

These are some of the general questions you may have and we have tried to answer them here, however if you have any specific queries or questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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