Apply for UK Family Visas.

Find out which family visa is right for you when you have close family living in the UK.

Over the past 50 years or so many people from India have migrated to the UK for studies, work, business and as dependant family members. Many persons of Indian origin have moved to the UK from East African countries of Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania etc.

Many of these have settled permanently and became the British Citizens, however they have their roots and family ties in India. Family reunions for social and major life events celebrations are an important part to maintain these family and cultural ties and strengthen them, This makes it essential that people from India travel to the UK for a short family visit or family holidays or to start family life in the UK.

You need the UK Family visa if you want to visit and stay with a UK resident who is your child, parent, partner or spouse, or a relative but sick / disable/ aged and needs to be cared regularly for a longer duration of time. You can also apply for this visa as a separated or widowed partner / spouse of a UK citizen and is possible on the basis of a private life too.

Family visas can be short-term or temporary visit visa or can be a visa leading to permanent settlement which are called 'Indefinite Leave to Enter' visas. It is important to understand which visa application is most suitable for your purpose as each visa has different requirements.

We briefly provide the details of each different family visa for the UK:

  • The spouse visa is for those, who are married to someone who is living and working in the UK and who want to join their spouse or partner who is settled in the UK or is a citizen of the UK.
  • If you are not married as yet and if your wedding will be celebrated in the UK, you may be able to apply for Marriage Visitor, Fiancé or Fiancée visa for the UK.
  • The parent visa is for those whose children have settled in the UK and have been staying continuously in the UK for last 7 years.
  • The child visa is for those children, under the age of 18, whose parents are either UK citizens or living in the UK.
  • Family Visa - long run care of relative....This visa is for those that have to come to the UK to take care of their relative who is a British citizen but needs someone's care because of sickness or old age or both.
  • Family Visa - Private Life ......this visa is for those that have left UK because of unfavourable personal circumstances and want to return to the UK.
  • You can also apply for a family visa if the partner or spouse dies but the deceased person should be a British citizen.
  • A divorced or separated dependent partner can also apply for UK family visa if the partner is a British citizen.

"Nothing matters more than FAMILY ties and reunion." This is what most people say BUT we at Skilled Visa Guide Pvt. Ltd try to make it happen. We understand that you are busy with your work life and family life in India and you may not have enough free time to prepare for the family visa application. This is where Skilled Visa Guide can help you.

Refusal of your visa application may mean huge loss of time and money and hence it is very important to make sure that correct visa form is filled and appropriate supporting documents are provided.

Nothing can make one happier than the reunion with family, for which the first step is the UK visa approval.

We constantly keep ourselves abreast with the latest changes for the visa formalities as dictated by the government of the UK. We help you collect supporting documents and prepare the files and arrange the papers systematically. We help you to fill up the forms, assist you at compliance with the formalities and help you with cover letter to explain your case to the Immigration Officer at the UK Embassy.

HSMP Immigration Services UK Ltd. UK, an OISC registered immigration and visa advisory body, is our partner and we are honoured to be associated with it. In case of any confusion of our client, HSMP Immigration Services UK Ltd. UK helps us to provide our services effectively and efficiently.


Visa Fees and Immigration Health Surcharge

While Family visit visa fees are lower the Family Visa application fee for joining your partner, parent or child is much higher and different if applied for from outside the UK and if applied for from within the UK. You may also have to pay Immigration Health Surcharge if you are not applying for a visit visa. (* subject to notification and change by the UK Government).


Please contact us today to find out how we can help you and our fees. We will be happy to adjust our initial consulting fee towards full service fees if you decide to proceed with us.

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