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Skilled VisaGuide Pvt. Ltd. Offers full services to Students, Workers and Family members.

Skilled Visaguide Pvt Ltd India is an associate or partner of HSMP Immigration Services UK Ltd., UK, who are specialist immigration lawyers and UK visa advisors. HSMP Immigration Services UK Ltd. Is registered with and monitored by OISC UK as immigration advisers / consultants.

Our Mission: Skilled VisaGuide will be involved in providing professional, honest and sincere services to those who are aiming to study or work in the UK. We are starting our activities with UK Visas first and will include other countries in the near future.

Our Partners: is helping students in India by providing platform for Crowdfunding for Education Donations where 100%* of Donations go to the student or project through EscrowPay India.

EduHelp India also provides Student Mentoring and has launched a Directory of Scholarships and Grants available to students.

We are pleased to support

* (less Payment Gateway and Escrow Fees)

UK Visa Services provided under support of

HSMP Immigration Services UK Ltd.
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