UK Business Visas : Visiting UK On Business Visit? : You May Need Business Visa

Are you doing business with the clients or suppliers in the UK? Do you need to visit them to finalize important business deals? Are you participating in a Business Conference in the UK to check out new Technology for your new project?

If you need to visit the UK on a business purpose you will need to apply for UK Business Visa. Business Visa is usually granted initially for six months period if you submit appropriate supporting documents.

You can visit UK on business however you are not allowed to sell any products or work while you are in the UK on Business Visa.

If you are meeting the clients in the UK, it is usually a good idea to get an official invitation letter from the clients. If you already have a contract with the clients, it is better to include the same with your visa / EC application.

Your business documents and financial papers are also important.

Business Visa is similar to visit visas in many ways and it is important to demonstrate that you will be returning back from the UK as soon as your business engagements are concluded.

With frequent changes to the immigration and visa rules, we feel it would be a good idea to get help from Skilled VisaGuide Pvt. Ltd. so that we can help you with filling up the application forms as well as supporting documents.

Our initial consulting fee for Business Visa is Rs,1,000 and if you finalize the full-services within 2 weeks, we will be happy to adjust this initial consulting fee towards our full services fees. We are also offering 50% off as of now in the initial consulting fee.

If you wish to know more about UK Visas, please click here to contact us or call us if you wish to book an appointment for initial consulting.

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