UK Visa Help in Partnership with UK Immigration Lawyers from London.

Skilled VisaGuide Pvt. Ltd. Offers full services to Students, Workers and Family members.

Skilled Visaguide Pvt Ltd India is an associate or partner of HSMP Immigration Services UK Ltd., UK, who are specialist immigration lawyers and UK visa advisors. HSMP Immigration Services UK Ltd. Is registered with and monitored by OISC UK as immigration advisers / consultants.

Our Mission: Skilled VisaGuide will be involved in providing professional, honest and sincere services to those who are aiming to study or work in the UK. We are starting our activities with UK Visas first and will include other countries in the near future.

How can we help YOU:

UK is one of the most popular global destination for skilled migrants for higher studies as well as working. We know you are trying to find comprehensive information about the options / routes available to you when it comes to your immigration abroad.

We also know you wish to be guided by the best of the teams that has good knowledge of the UK visa rules because you are aware that the price of refusal is very high.

You definitely would like to go to one of the most successful professional teams for the UK visas. We have set up different resources and guidance for entire process. Our staff is trained regularly with the changing visa rules and they always can refer to our UK partners in case of some doubt or to seek clarification.

Our approach and network with universities help the students, who apply through SKILLED VISA GUIDE. Our Organisation is focused to guide students to the best possible Universities / Colleges, which helps them to build their career. The students who secure admission through us may be eligible for help and support on their arrival in the UK.

Company Highlight

Skilled Visaguide Pvt Ltd. was originally incorporated as Regent Fincons Pvt Ltd, in the year 1990 - involved in software exports. Since last almost 15 years, RFPL was named as local partner of HSMP Immigration Services UK Ltd., and we help HSMP Services' clients from India. We are now venturing into full visa services for all the types of visa applications for the UK to begin with in partnership with HSMP Immigration Services UK Ltd. We will now provide full services for Skilled Worker Visas, Highly Skilled visas, other work visas, Student Visas, Family Visas and Business / Visit Visas.

Services we can provide:

  • Counseling and course selection
  • University selection
  • Admission Guidance
  • Grants / Funding / Bank Loan Assistance
  • Visa Assistance
  • FOREX Assistance
  • Traveling Assistance
UK Visa Services provided under support of

HSMP Immigration Services UK Ltd.
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