Migrating to the UK or Visiting UK For Business Visit? Find out which visa you will need.

UK is a very popular destination for higher studies, business and for permanent immigration.

Whatever your needs, you need to decide your purpose of visit to the UK, which will help in deciding which visa to apply for.

UK has many types of visas under following main categories:

  1. Tourist or Visit Visas
  2. Family Visit Visa if you wish to meet your family members in the UK
  3. Spouse or dependant visa if you are married to someone who lives in the UK.
  4. Business Visas if you wish to meet your clients or suppliers
  5. Work Visas if you have a job / employment offer from the UK Employer

Each different visa category has different requirements and if you do not understand the requirements and eligibility your visa application may be refused.

With frequent changes to the immigration and visa rules, we feel it would be a good idea to get help from Skilled VisaGuide Pvt. Ltd. so that we can help you in deciding the right visa category for you and help you with filling up the application forms as well as supporting documents.

We are partners and associates of HSMP Immigration Services UK Ltd. UK which is an OISC registered immigration and visa advisers and if required, we get their help while advising you.

If you wish to know more about UK Visas, please click here to contact us or call us if you wish to book an appointment for initial consulting.

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